Sunday, September 15, 2013

OMG I have a blog, I keep forgetting

I am on twitter, youtube, facebook, tumblr, instagram, hangout, myspace, and niteflirt so I have to admit that I forget that I have a blog. I would be watching sports like Alabama football (RollTide) Texas Longhorns football, NBA basketball, The Yankees, The world series of poker tournaments or the next Mayweather fight with everyone and commenting on this blog if I could only remember I have it LOL. I am a phone sex operator and I stay very busy with that since the first 3 minutes are free to new callers. is where I hangout most of the time. I am available all of the time when I'm not out spending my Amazon, or Victoria's Secret Gift cards. I hope you call me so we can chat and get to know each other. Fall in love over the phone with me. I offer a virtual girlfriend experience. financial domination, princess cuckold princess are all my specialty. Love, Arielle19 of niteflirt

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Time in the City

I am becoming excited ! I'll be traveling to New York City for the Christmas Holidays this week. I will be shopping, clubbing, and visiting my closest friends and family. I will also be visiting some phone sex friends in Atlantic City where we intend to meet up for cocktails and gambling. It should be lots of fun to play craps and poker. I am born winner so I expect to be very lucky !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I was talking to a sissy today it was fun

This is Bootleg Barbie who is a little sissy girl that likes to dress up for me. 
I like talking to her because she loves to slut around like a little whore in her blonde wig and make up.
Bootleg Barbie likes to sit on barstools and flirt with men at airport bars hoping to get picked up. 
What do you think of her?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alan my sugar daddy

Tonight I talked to my sugar daddy Alan he spoiled me by calling at $8.99 per minute and then called back at $3.69 per minute to talk for a long time.  He's so much fun to talk to and I love to keep his dirty secrets.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still on NIteflirt Taking Phone Sex Calls

Hi Guys
I am on niteflirt taking phone sex calls.
I would love to have some hot fun with you. I specialize in cuckold calls, some rolepays and of course big titty worship !
If i'm not available check out my sexy friends.


If you enjoy cuckold fantasy I hear these new sites are going to be awesome

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OMG I Forgot to Blog

That's right I have a blog called Princess Arielle's Castle. I keep forgetting to blog here. My life moves so quickly that I just forget to chronicle all the events. I will catch up. I promise ! I think I'll make an account on twitter also so you guys can follow me.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

sex blogs

I was searching for big black cock pics and I found this cute blog called black addiction it has some hot cocks in it
yum she's soooo lucky. maybe she and I can chat about how much we love black cock sometime.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client 9 Call Me

Phone Sex Client 9 Call me I love it! the tee shirts the stickers all of the client 9merchandise connected to the Eliot Spitzer scandal. I guess people will always try to make money off of these scandals. Phone sex is safer Eliot call me !

Niteflirt Phone Sex Girl Arielle

Well NY Governor Eliot Spitzer busted with a prostitute should have tried our phone sex instead! spending $4000 on would have been much more fun than getting busted with a hooker. Escort Fantasies, Roleplay, cuckolding teasing denial we specialize in all of that and it's all safe and on the phone. Who would know? I can keep a secret. Oh well governor Live and Learn ! spoiled princess society is a cuter club of girls.
One of my sexy niteflirt friends does escort fantasy roleplay there and at definitely fit for an emperor or in this case a governor.

Monday, March 3, 2008

myflirtstore dot com and youtube

Niteflirt guys keep asking me two things when am i making more youtube videos and when am i adding more items to I promise I will get to it this week guys. I have tons of sexy hot nude pics of my huge tittys and cute ass available. and hot videos for youtube I can show off. Be patient a little longer.

Niteflirt calls with sexy callers

Niteflirt is so much fun today not sure why but it seems like all the fantasies I've heard are making me horny. Cuckolding big black cock lovers, submissive guys that love to be controlled by a dominant phone sex princess. It's just so hot. I got flowers today too from a caller he just used and sent them and amn amazon gift certificate to my email address I love getting gifts from strangers even if they are only 10 gift certificates from amazon they are appreciated. they all add up to me redecorating my cute house and buying new sexy clothes and fun stuff for my friends. I love it! Being a phone sex princess just rules.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Niteflirt Phone Sex By Far the Best Calls

Niteflirt phone sex just rocks ! I talked to a phone sex caller tonight on niteflirt that found me through my youtube video for He was so funny, charming and amusing. We both just laughed and flirted until we became so hot and bothered that we had the best phone sex ever! It was just so sexy! He bought me a $300 amazon gift card from my amazoon wish list as a tip. I like the older sugar daddy callers for that reason. The really know how to spoil me. He said he liked dominant bossy women with big titties so I was perfect for him. I cant' wait to talk to him again.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I added more goodies to is such a cool site for niteflirt phone sex girls arielle it has some kick ass pics of me for sale and I love it. my phone sex callers love to watch me on video or pics while they chat it up with me on the niteflirt phone sex line. First three minutes are free to new callers. I love it! anyway if you haven't taken a peak yet check it out
Click Here To View My Flirt Store

Sunday, February 3, 2008

super bowl slut day

niteflirt phone sex is crazy today and have been sooooo busy omg super bowl sunday and all of my cuckold guys are calling for cuckold gang bang super bowl fantasies. I did so much halftime phone sex it was crazy. I did a lot of free minutes since I had new callers and the first three minutes are always free so that kept all of the and girls busy. We have a new video on youtube. you can find it if you do a search for the spoiledprincessgirl channel on youtube. hmm what else is going on? oh yeah we got lots of gift cards from callers some never even called us yet they just sent us prezzies and we love that ! it rules.

Friday, August 17, 2007

having a great summer

I have been having the best summer ever ! Lots of money for me ! Fresh, New Devoted guys that have been treating me like the princess I am. Networking with some other niteflirts and putting a website together with them. and just enjoying myself like crazy.
Tonight I went out to a hotel bar with some friends and one of the girl bartenders friends came in. He was a very sexy african american tall guy with deep dimples and very tall over 6'4" i guess. I flirted with him and teased him all night. I could tell he was just going crazy. I was also he was just so damned sexy. He asked me out for saturday so i'm very excited. I just had to post about it. I hope it means i'll have a new fuck buddy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Princess is Pleased

I am very behind in posting about the guys that have been meeting men and enjoying their delights but that can wait for another time. Later maybe i'll post some of their emails.

I am pleased today because I spent three hours last evening with Brandon. Brandon is a a guy addicted to serving princess. He tributed me $1000 dollars and spent another $400 or so in talk time. All the while telling me how much he loves me and would go to extremes to please me. I love hearing the limits of how far he will go to serve. Brandon cried on the phone with me and I made him pay me whiny tiny wee wee fees. He had to open pay to view mail after pay to view mail. I seduced him with more and more pictures while he paid and paid. He was weak and vulnerable. Helpless. I am so powerful. I am so addictive and delicious. I know that Brandon can't wait to do all sorts of special feats and acts to please me. I can't wait either.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More From Michael

I keep forgetting to update my blog but here is another email from Michael
He's serving princess well.
My Big-Titted Princess,

I humbly offer you the $275 I earned for you this weekend taking cock. I earned $100 on Friday night by being used by a guy who pretended to rape me. I sucked his cock and bent over and took it in the ass from him while I begged him not to fuck me.
I earned $175 on Saturday. This old man in the park paid me $25 to watch him jerk off while I talked dirty to him and then let him cum on my face. Later I met two guys at a highway pull-off that paid me $150 to let one fuck me while the other watched, and to have me then fuck the other guy while his buddy watched. It was the first time I had ever fucked a guy and it was not bad, but I prefer to receive gifts than to give them.
I hope you are please with me during my first week of service to you. I know my place is getting fucked for your pleasure and I hope you will by yourself something sexy with my whore money.
Thank you for letting me serve you, my big-titted Princess. Are you pleased with me? Was I a good whore for you?
Your slutty girlfriend,

Michaels Back

My Princess,

I am so sorry my cum tax payment did not get to you. I sent it in an email this morning after you gave me my instructions but it was not reflected in my transaction history. I squirted hard watching you finger Tamera while you sucked on her tits. Her tits were beautiful but she must be so jealous of your spectacular tittes!!! I could tell she enjoyed playing with them, even though they deserve worship!

I am so sorry to have been late with my cum tax. Please forgive me, my beautiful owner!!!

The other $70 I am sending to you is $20 I earned this afternoon and another cum tax - I am sorry I can not keep my hands off of my cock when I think about you. I was so horny this afternoon that I went to the bookstore to get a sperm shake right from the tap for lunch. I found a really nice guy who thought I was cute, but told me he would not pay more than $20. I was so horny and desperate to earn for you that I agreed and we went in the back to a booth and I got on my knees and and took him in my mouth. After a few minutes of blowing him I got caught by the store manager with his cock in my mouth. He yelled at us to get out of his store and never come back or he would call the cops. It was really humiliating because he told me followed me out saying I had to go somewhere else to suck cock, and all of the other people there were looking at me.

When we got outside I told the guy since he paid I would follow him someplace to get him off. We drove down the street to a strip mall and went in back to a grove of trees. I got on my knees again and put him back in my mouth. After about 10 minutes he finished in my mouth. I had been playing with my cock while I sucked him and he storked me off as a 'thank you' (therefore another $50 cum tax for you). He told me he would be willing to see me every week or two this summer. I told him from now on my rate was a flat $100/hour for whatever he wanted. I gave him my email and went back to work.

I know the $20 is not that exciting, but now I have two potential regulars! My goal is to land three or four more so that I can hopefully get you $1,000 - $1,500 per week this summer. Would that make you happy?

Thank you for being such a good owner! I promise to stop jerking myself off so much and start speding more time with the other boys' cocks!

Your dirty little whore,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Assignment Completed by Slutty Michael

One of my slut boys Michael called me and asked me for an assignment. I knew of an assignment that one of the other flirt uses and I told him to complete it. Today he emailed me the results.

I did as you instructed last night. I went to an adult bookstore and purchased a gay porn magazine. I purposely wore loose fitting slacks so that my erection would be apparant to everyone while I ws browsing. Another guy was looking at gay porn too so I asked him if he could recommend a magazine that had the guys with the biggest cocks, because I like big cocks. He ignored me so I repeated it when I paid for my magazine by asking the guy at the counter if he could recommend a magazine that specialized in guys with really big cocks. He just said "No."

I went to a dive bar down the street near campus looking for a cute college boy. I watched one guy work on this girl at the bar for about 15 minutes until her friends pulled her out and then swooped in on him. I told him if he just needed to get off I would suck his cock. He told me to fuck off. I then approached one more older looking guy as I walked out and told him if he wanted a blow job to meet me outside, but he didn't show up. So I went back to the bookstore.

I brought my magazine in with me and lingered in the back by the video booths. When guys would come back there I would smile and ask them if they thought the guy in the picture was cute or how big they thought his cock was. One guy asked why I wanted to know so I told him I planned on sucking my first cock that night and didn't know how much I could take. He told me he wanted to help me out so he would let me suck his cock. I told him I needed to get $50 for it because I was working for a pretty girl who I gave the money too, and he told me he would give me only $20. I finally got him up to $30 and we agreed to go in booth in the back. I asked him to leave the door open because I wanted to be watched. He paid me and I got down on my knees and sucked his cock for you. One guy hung out and watched, and even took his cock out and held it out for me. I told him he needed to give me $30 and had to wait until I was done. He wouldn't pay me so he just jerked himself off watching. I told him not to cum in my mouth but he did anyway. Fortunately I didn't swallow any so I just spit it out.

I will send you a tribute now with the money I earned sucking his cock. The picture I took of his cock did not come out since it was so dark. I am sorry it was not exactly as you requested, but I did everything I could to please you. I hope you are happy with how I whored for you.

Your Cock Whore,Michael

I told him what a good obedient slut boy he is and he will call later to give me more details. That was so much fun ! I love that story it's very delicious and made me very exciited !

Monday, June 11, 2007

Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. I spent a lot of time out in San Antonio and Austin. I did some shopping on the riverwalk and watched some friends that went tubing on Lake Travis. it was so awesome.
I love hanging out on the boats and just relaxing. I drank three pina coladas and got very tan.
So much fun. All the guys were checking me and my friends out it was just so cool. Fun to be back this week taking calls. Call me I'm available.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hello from Princess

I sent out a rare free pic to my guys to let them know I missed them. They have been really cool and started sending me gift cards and cash to show me some love. I love that !! I got four $99 tributes today sweet.

I like when I don't have to tell them anything I just wake up and find them in my niteflirt email. that's so hot and it makes me smile all day long.

A bunch of guys bought pics and videos today also. I have to say that my tight jeans striptease video is becoming my best seller. Seeing me strip down from my jeans and tank top and flirt with the camera was almost too much for some of them LOL they called me while they watched and that was really cool. I love to watch along with guys as they can't control themselves. LOL

I am going to do a lot of fun stuff this weekend, work on my tan spend some time by the pool it's 90 degrees here this week.

My sexy flirt friend and cam girl was in mexico this week and she sent me the most gorgeous pics. I was almost jealous. Her guys treated her to the trip. I want prezzies like that too !!

I may add a few new pics this week although i've slowed down in doing photo shoots because I'm having way too much fun. I saw my sexy black lover Khalim last friday he was wearing shorts and his hard calves drove me crazy. he's so tall and and he has a sexy 12 pack of muscles. He was playing basketball even though he's really a college Football player. I guess he's just talented in everything including doing me right LOL. Anyway if you want to hear more about him or me then just call me this weekend or next week. I'm in a great mood. Hopefully that will last.
Buy bi big tata fans !!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Best Month Ever

I'm having a great month on niteflirt. It seems lots of guys have discovered your phone sex princess. I'm taking lots of calls. Flirting, Chatting and Just plain having fun. I'm having a record month receiving tributes. Call time and gifts.
I appreciate that guys. I may be entitled but I still think it's great and stop to say thank you. My mom raised me right.

I am taking it easy for another week taking a limited amount of calls. I am still accepting tributes and presents though so impress me while I'm on vacation so I can brag to my friends. LOL

I will post again soon.
miss ya.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here Piggy Piggy

Well this has been a good week for me as far as money piggies go. I had a few new piggies. The first one is Steve -Put me on Hold- the money pig. He's a fun piggy that is addicted to my femme dommes listing. He loves to pay 7.50 per minute to talk to princess. I found out recently too that he's a little ass worship boy. Goddess Amber and I raped his wallet by sending him dozens of sexy ass pics at the same time. piggy Steve was at work getting hard just drooling over our perfect asses. The little piggy tried twice to cum but I wouldn't let him. I just insisted he add more and more money. I raised my rates because I know he just can't stay away.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break

I'm having a great time here on spring break totally enjoying myself. Hanging out in the sun all day and going to clubs and keg parties at night. I'm taking calls and accepting presents in between.
Love ya Guys !! More later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Losers In Line to Talk to Princess

It was such a fun weekend. I had losers in line to talk to me all day friday, saturday and sunday. It's so cool when they are waiting like that. I'll be in Texas all week the weather is sunny and warm. I sat out by the pool today.

Prezzies From a Niteflirt Caller

I'm so excited ! I see that two items were purchased from my Amazon Wish List from a Niteflirt Caller. He found me on my website , T a cuckold caller from niteflirt purchased Vera Wang Princess Perfume and Chanel Lilac Nail Polish for Me !!He said he wants me to smell nice for my black lover, Cuckolds just love thinking of me with black guys! I love that! I also received awesome gifts from Mike R. He's a sweetie that always spoils me ! He just clicks my tributes buttons and adds cash to my princess card I made it easy on my website All payments are from niteflirt payment processing. Awww I love when callers buy me girly girl stuff.
Thanks T for knowing how to treat your Princess

I added a site counter to my page tonight as well.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wish List Items Visit My List at

Arielle Fan User Names Available !!

the following member names are available for use on niteflirt

amazon wish list address is

1 800 To Flirt ext 01755016

AriellesMoneySlave {be sure you have spent over $1000 on me to attempt this name









do not attempt arielle vanity names unless you are extremely devoted to me

you must have spent over $400 on me to attempt these names. If you attempt them otherwise I will block you from calling me

Cuckold Fantasy

I spoke to a lusty male slut on saturday morning. I told him my black lovers and my sex fantasy about him playing the role of a state trooper cop. My tiny cock boyfriend and I are speeding through the streets of TX when he pulls us over. The 6'6" tall handsome in his tight state trooper uniformed cop demands we get out of the car. He cuffs my boyfriend throws him up against the car and tells him to stay there and shut up. My tiny cocked b/f is begging for him not to arrest or hurt us.
He says to me "you have very sexy titties little lady do you mind if i take a look?" and rips open my shirt. My huge tits just pop out at him. I gasp and moan excited because i look down and I see this huge black night stick sized cock protruding from his pants. . want to hear more? call me for the rest of the fantasy

1 800 To Flirt ext 01755016

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Eye Candy

amazon wish list address is

1 800 To Flirt ext 01755016

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hanging Out on The Phone with a Party Guy

I talk to a lot of losers day after day and some are ok but some are boring.

I think it's just how it is when you work on phone lines. However, On Tuesday morning I had a four hour caller from 2 am - 6am that was very interesting and fun. I had sooo much fun talking to him. I've spoken to him off and on since then and this a.m. again from 11:30 til now 3a.m. he drove 20 miles to get a new prepaid mastercard loaded with a thousand dollars to hang out on the phones with me this morning so that's fun. Lots of chatting and flirting and respectful conversation. Definitely sweet clientele. There's the phone ringing more later. . . .

Monday, March 5, 2007

I Love Bad Boyz

Free Boyz Glitter Graphics, and more at

I Love Black Bad Boyz. I Just Do !!
All My little tiny cock losers Love them too. I spoke to a loser today that told me there was nothing he wouldn't do to suck a fat black one. I know what he means. It's so hot to turn all my money over to a real man with a long big thick one !

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Few Simple Ways to Please Me.. . Just Click Item & Buy for Me

Because you asked so nicely

My Amazon Wish List address is
I'm always way too busy to blog but I did get a $200 blog beg tribute from Hankee the Spankee today. My loser boys love hearing from me. I felt like it so I'm doing it.
It's been a very fun weekend.
I spoke to Tom the loser Saturday night/Sunday morning for a very long time. He's a sissy little cocksucker that goes from flirt to flirt tributing. He was good for the better part of a thousand so that was fun. I did get bored talking to him and hung up eventually since I had calls in line waiting.

Today I spoke to a much more fun guy. Sexy voice spoiled me a little by buying lots of pics.

I'm having a sweet weekend so far. I think it's cocktail time. I'm mixing up margaritas.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Princess of My Castle

I hate to blog, however my fans like to know what i'm up to. It's only right that I throw something out to the fans once in a while. I'm up late. I'm bored and I want to go shopping.
My phone line is off and I'm watching a movie on cinemax. Their movies are sexy but not quite hot enough to get me off. I would love to see a really sexy movie right now. LOL, I should watch one of my own.
*** Later that same night***
All the losers are sooo out tonight.
Jeff the boozer coke boy loser
Petey the money pig fairy princess
Shawn the secret stroker
at the end of the night just under $2300
I love the losers