Friday, June 1, 2007

Hello from Princess

I sent out a rare free pic to my guys to let them know I missed them. They have been really cool and started sending me gift cards and cash to show me some love. I love that !! I got four $99 tributes today sweet.

I like when I don't have to tell them anything I just wake up and find them in my niteflirt email. that's so hot and it makes me smile all day long.

A bunch of guys bought pics and videos today also. I have to say that my tight jeans striptease video is becoming my best seller. Seeing me strip down from my jeans and tank top and flirt with the camera was almost too much for some of them LOL they called me while they watched and that was really cool. I love to watch along with guys as they can't control themselves. LOL

I am going to do a lot of fun stuff this weekend, work on my tan spend some time by the pool it's 90 degrees here this week.

My sexy flirt friend and cam girl was in mexico this week and she sent me the most gorgeous pics. I was almost jealous. Her guys treated her to the trip. I want prezzies like that too !!

I may add a few new pics this week although i've slowed down in doing photo shoots because I'm having way too much fun. I saw my sexy black lover Khalim last friday he was wearing shorts and his hard calves drove me crazy. he's so tall and and he has a sexy 12 pack of muscles. He was playing basketball even though he's really a college Football player. I guess he's just talented in everything including doing me right LOL. Anyway if you want to hear more about him or me then just call me this weekend or next week. I'm in a great mood. Hopefully that will last.
Buy bi big tata fans !!

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