Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Assignment Completed by Slutty Michael

One of my slut boys Michael called me and asked me for an assignment. I knew of an assignment that one of the other flirt uses and I told him to complete it. Today he emailed me the results.

I did as you instructed last night. I went to an adult bookstore and purchased a gay porn magazine. I purposely wore loose fitting slacks so that my erection would be apparant to everyone while I ws browsing. Another guy was looking at gay porn too so I asked him if he could recommend a magazine that had the guys with the biggest cocks, because I like big cocks. He ignored me so I repeated it when I paid for my magazine by asking the guy at the counter if he could recommend a magazine that specialized in guys with really big cocks. He just said "No."

I went to a dive bar down the street near campus looking for a cute college boy. I watched one guy work on this girl at the bar for about 15 minutes until her friends pulled her out and then swooped in on him. I told him if he just needed to get off I would suck his cock. He told me to fuck off. I then approached one more older looking guy as I walked out and told him if he wanted a blow job to meet me outside, but he didn't show up. So I went back to the bookstore.

I brought my magazine in with me and lingered in the back by the video booths. When guys would come back there I would smile and ask them if they thought the guy in the picture was cute or how big they thought his cock was. One guy asked why I wanted to know so I told him I planned on sucking my first cock that night and didn't know how much I could take. He told me he wanted to help me out so he would let me suck his cock. I told him I needed to get $50 for it because I was working for a pretty girl who I gave the money too, and he told me he would give me only $20. I finally got him up to $30 and we agreed to go in booth in the back. I asked him to leave the door open because I wanted to be watched. He paid me and I got down on my knees and sucked his cock for you. One guy hung out and watched, and even took his cock out and held it out for me. I told him he needed to give me $30 and had to wait until I was done. He wouldn't pay me so he just jerked himself off watching. I told him not to cum in my mouth but he did anyway. Fortunately I didn't swallow any so I just spit it out.

I will send you a tribute now with the money I earned sucking his cock. The picture I took of his cock did not come out since it was so dark. I am sorry it was not exactly as you requested, but I did everything I could to please you. I hope you are happy with how I whored for you.

Your Cock Whore,Michael

I told him what a good obedient slut boy he is and he will call later to give me more details. That was so much fun ! I love that story it's very delicious and made me very exciited !

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