Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Michaels Back

My Princess,

I am so sorry my cum tax payment did not get to you. I sent it in an email this morning after you gave me my instructions but it was not reflected in my transaction history. I squirted hard watching you finger Tamera while you sucked on her tits. Her tits were beautiful but she must be so jealous of your spectacular tittes!!! I could tell she enjoyed playing with them, even though they deserve worship!

I am so sorry to have been late with my cum tax. Please forgive me, my beautiful owner!!!

The other $70 I am sending to you is $20 I earned this afternoon and another cum tax - I am sorry I can not keep my hands off of my cock when I think about you. I was so horny this afternoon that I went to the bookstore to get a sperm shake right from the tap for lunch. I found a really nice guy who thought I was cute, but told me he would not pay more than $20. I was so horny and desperate to earn for you that I agreed and we went in the back to a booth and I got on my knees and and took him in my mouth. After a few minutes of blowing him I got caught by the store manager with his cock in my mouth. He yelled at us to get out of his store and never come back or he would call the cops. It was really humiliating because he told me followed me out saying I had to go somewhere else to suck cock, and all of the other people there were looking at me.

When we got outside I told the guy since he paid I would follow him someplace to get him off. We drove down the street to a strip mall and went in back to a grove of trees. I got on my knees again and put him back in my mouth. After about 10 minutes he finished in my mouth. I had been playing with my cock while I sucked him and he storked me off as a 'thank you' (therefore another $50 cum tax for you). He told me he would be willing to see me every week or two this summer. I told him from now on my rate was a flat $100/hour for whatever he wanted. I gave him my email and went back to work.

I know the $20 is not that exciting, but now I have two potential regulars! My goal is to land three or four more so that I can hopefully get you $1,000 - $1,500 per week this summer. Would that make you happy?

Thank you for being such a good owner! I promise to stop jerking myself off so much and start speding more time with the other boys' cocks!

Your dirty little whore,

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