Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Princess is Pleased

I am very behind in posting about the guys that have been meeting men and enjoying their delights but that can wait for another time. Later maybe i'll post some of their emails.

I am pleased today because I spent three hours last evening with Brandon. Brandon is a a guy addicted to serving princess. He tributed me $1000 dollars and spent another $400 or so in talk time. All the while telling me how much he loves me and would go to extremes to please me. I love hearing the limits of how far he will go to serve. Brandon cried on the phone with me and I made him pay me whiny tiny wee wee fees. He had to open pay to view mail after pay to view mail. I seduced him with more and more pictures while he paid and paid. He was weak and vulnerable. Helpless. I am so powerful. I am so addictive and delicious. I know that Brandon can't wait to do all sorts of special feats and acts to please me. I can't wait either.

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