Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More From Michael

I keep forgetting to update my blog but here is another email from Michael
He's serving princess well.
My Big-Titted Princess,

I humbly offer you the $275 I earned for you this weekend taking cock. I earned $100 on Friday night by being used by a guy who pretended to rape me. I sucked his cock and bent over and took it in the ass from him while I begged him not to fuck me.
I earned $175 on Saturday. This old man in the park paid me $25 to watch him jerk off while I talked dirty to him and then let him cum on my face. Later I met two guys at a highway pull-off that paid me $150 to let one fuck me while the other watched, and to have me then fuck the other guy while his buddy watched. It was the first time I had ever fucked a guy and it was not bad, but I prefer to receive gifts than to give them.
I hope you are please with me during my first week of service to you. I know my place is getting fucked for your pleasure and I hope you will by yourself something sexy with my whore money.
Thank you for letting me serve you, my big-titted Princess. Are you pleased with me? Was I a good whore for you?
Your slutty girlfriend,

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